Hello, I’m Maurizio Stacchini author and creator of this blog.
I am Italian, and specifically the city of Cesena in the land of “Romagna” northeast of Italy.

I want apologize for my English, which is not perfect (I’ll try improving over time) but the ‘importance of a blog is mainly the exchange news with other people and if you write the wrong word can happen but the essential is to understand the context and usefulness of what a blogger writes.

You may ask: why I have to take a winding road like that of language to write a blog, instead of writing in Italian. Well the reason is simple to explain for an Italian person: the culture of blogs and bloggers in Italy is still quite backward, even 5/6 years compared to the United States, England, Australia and other nations in the English language.

This blog will not do just information but also will try to offer the Italian culture, appreciated all over the world, in many ways: recipes for Italian dishes, travel to Italy with the most beautiful places to visitare and many interesting things.

I’ll try to write solutions to problems that you encounter every day, such as: “how to …”, or write of natural remedies to follow to solve minor health problems. Such as traveling not only in Italy but in the world, and much more.

I hope that this blog will be useful to many people, facilities Spoken of my site with your friends, relatives or acquaintances.
Best regards and good navigation. www.recommendedbook.com.