How to combat insomnia.

How to combat insomnia.

Discover The Sleep “Trick” That Fights The Root-Cause Of Insomnia And Lets You Fully Sleep Through The Night To Wake Up Feeling Refreshed, Rested, And Ready To Face Your Day…

Read on to find out how you can trigger your body’s natural, deepest and most refreshing sleep-wake cycle and…

  Regain sharp, clear thinking and radically improve your memory …1

  Drop a little bit of fat each day…2


Lower risk of heart attacks and strokes…3

Boost your immune system…4
Curb the inflammation that leads to diabetes, arthritis and premature aging…5
And even cut your risk of death by HALF!6

If you’re someone who struggles to cope with an overflowing to-do list, collapsing onto your couch every evening exhausted, anxious and stressed…

… you likely already know your body is craving deep, blissful, rejuvenating sleep.

Right now, take this quick sleep test to find out if you’re getting the sleep you need…

Answer these questions honestly, it’s important for your health…

  • Are you making mistakes at work? Are you noticing less-than-stellar or slower performance or a greater number of errors creeping into your work? Lack of sleep may be the culprit…
  • Do you feel annoyed a lot of the time? Grumpy? Flying off the handle? Depressed?
  • Do you need an alarm clock (or even two) to get you out of bed?
  • How do you feel when you wake up? Feel groggy? Like it’s a struggle to get out of bed?
  • How quickly do you fall asleep? Is it almost instant or do you find yourself staring at the ceiling for an eternity?
  • How much do you sleep on vacation? Did you sleep in every day or wake early without an alarm clock?


If any of that sounds familiar, then you’re simply not getting the sleep your body craves.

Yet, here’s what nobody is telling you:

It’s Not Just The Amount Of Sleep… It’s The QUALITY Of Sleep That Makes The BIGGEST Difference…

As you read every word on this page, you’ll discover brand new research revealing the dramatic effects a lack of quality sleep has on the internal workings of the body. Directly leading to issues like:



  • More viral and bacterial infections…
  • Anxiety and depression…
  • Hypertension…
  • Stomach ulcers…
  • Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and countless other chronic issues as you’ll see in a moment…






However, the answer is NOT just to get an early night or take a sleeping pill or so-called “natural” remedy.

Instead, there is a way to ‘reset’ your body’s automatic sleep-wake cycle. So you effortlessly relax into the most natural, highest quality sleep your body craves. The kind of sleep you may not have experienced in years.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know how to flip on your ‘snooze switch’ at will, enjoying the deepest, most refreshing, cleansing and healing sleep of your life.

I Used to Say “Sleep Is For Wimps”

My name’s David Sinick and only a few short months ago, I didn’t just burn the candle at both ends, I…

Doused It In Gasoline And Torched It!

Most of my day I’m locked in front of a laptop, iPad or smartphone.

With the neverending emails, texts, Skype chats and tweets, my eyes stayed glued to a glaring computer screen as long as I was physically and mentally able.

Yet on the outside, the symptoms of sleep debt were taking their toll.


My complexion was bad, my skin white as a sheet, bags under the eyes and I looked physically DRAINED all the time. Any chance I’d get, I’d try to get a quick snooze in during the day – sometimes even napping under my desk!

Even when I finally collapsed into bed, my mind still kept racing. I couldn’t turn it off. And when I eventually DID drift off, I’d wake up at 2am… eyes bolted open… now I was feeling miserable because I knew it would take me AT LEAST another couple hours to fall back to sleep.

Little did I know…

Dangerous Toxins Were Building Up In My Brain…

Because if you’re anything like I was… and if you’re anything like ONE THIRD of Americans… you’re getting an average of 6 hours or LESS sleep a night.

And even if you ARE getting enough sleep, you’re probably not getting the RIGHT KIND of QUALITY sleep.

You see, sleep debt has a cumulative effect. And it’s not something you can recover from sleeping in on weekends.

The longer your sleep debt continues? The more damaging the effect on your health.

As you’ll see in a moment, it can lead to a variety of ailments from weight gain, stomach ulcers and depression… to chronic heart disease, accelerated aging and even cancer.

Amazingly, the more you deprive yourself of quality, enriching sleep…the more your body hides the symptoms. In other words?

You’re probably not even aware you’re getting sick!

And the results of too little sleep happen quickly…


Special audio technology called binaural beats.

Binaural beats use a process called ‘frequency response’ that trains your brain into states of relaxation or deep concentration. Its effect is nothing short of amazing.

I tested out theta and then delta recordings which replicate the delta wave production of a deep, healing sleep.

Then something incredible happened…

As I used these recordings more often, they began training my brain to release Delta waves around the time I wanted to go to sleep.

Enabling me to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper through the night — literally on command! The kind of sleep that rejuvenates, energizes and propels you into peak performance.

Combining my 6-step sleep hacking method with the audio technology caused me to fall asleep faster and deeper than ever before…

… and all through the next day I feel less stressed, greater mental balance, more productive and laser-focused.

Just one short listen kick starts your entire next day. Whenever I listen, I’m ready for anything the next day.

Yet that’s only one part of the entire system I’ve put together over the last 12 months.

If you’ll permit me I’d like to introduce you to what could be the greatest sleep breakthrough since the pillow…



The Primal Sleep System is the ONLY complete method that automatically triggers your body to sink into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

  • It doesn’t matter if right now you’re relying on sleeping pills…
  • You’re lying awake at night with thoughts stampeding through your brain…
  • Or your pillow is soaked with sweat from anxiety…




“Practical & Effective”

– Erica Ward (Amateur Boxer)

“I’ve been a great sleeper and now I know why! The book is extremely interesting in terms of learning why so many of us have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.

The methods are practical, easy to follow and completely in line with my paleo training. Better sleep has meant I am now able to workout longer and I feel sharper in the ring as a result.

I also listen to Primal Sleep post my workout in the evenings to settle my mind before bed, and I’ve been using Nature Mind on a Sunday to completely wind down. I totally recommend Paleo Sleep to anyone who wants to feel more energetic and alive!”



“This Changed My Life”

Walter Barclay (Angel Investor)

“When people ask me what’s the secret of your success, I usually say “no sleep!” Thing is, that isn’t a joke. I barely used to sleep at all, and things haven’t gotten much better with success.

I need my sleep to keep on top of my busy schedule, but having read your book I now realize that pretty much everything I was doing previously was working against my natural sleep cycle. I was depriving myself of sleep by expecting too much from my body.

Thanks to your advice I have developed a routine that complements my sleep. The audios are great and helping me relax a whole lot more. I’ve also made a number of dietary changes, including cutting out the sodas! Cheers buddy.”



“Sleeping Well Again”

Bethany Watson (Mompreneur)

“Managing my website and two children leaves me so tired, yet I used to have at least 2 nights a week when I’d take ages to de-stress and fall asleep, which meant getting just a few hours.

Using these magical audios I’m falling asleep faster than ever and sleeping all the way through the night. I feel a million dollars for it!”



“Faster Recovery”

Michael Hemmings (Gala Harriers)

“As a senior member of the club, I have slowed down these last few years. I can’t train as much as I used to so I need every advantage I can get.

David’s advice has made a huge improvement to my sleep pattern and had a massive impact on my recovery time after running. My wife has been cooking me plenty of sleep-friendly foods from your book too. Thanks for the great advice.”


PLUS: Brain Entrainment Audio Technology

If you’ve ever tried meditating, you likely know it takes a LOT of focused effort to calm your mind and enjoy the relaxing, stress-busting benefits.

Now, you don’t have to be a Zen master to get the same results.

Brain entrainment audios have been a huge breakthrough for me. I just push play an hour or two before bed and it lays the foundation for deep, refreshing sleep automatically.

And I also found different audios work for different states of mind. That’s why I’ve put together a collection of tracks for you to ease you through the night, no matter WHAT kind of a day you’ve had.



Let’s Recap Everything We’ve Learned

  • If you’re between the ages of 13 and 65 you NEED 7-9 hours sleep every night to maintain your body and brain health…
  • And scientific studies have proven the right amount of QUALITY sleep can melt fat, increase concentration, solidify memory, slow ageing, protect against disease and flush your brain clean of dangerous toxins…
  • Yet, because of modern day, harshly lit, ‘always on’ lifestyles most of us slip below 6 hours sleep each night and sometimes even less. However…
  • There is a simple method to getting the deepest, satisfying sleep possible every single night…
  • Which can be further enhanced when you tap into the calming power of special audio technology that’s part of the system…


I’m incredibly confident this simple system will give you the deepest, most cleansing, refreshing and HEALING sleep you’ve ever experienced.

And that’s not all. I’m so hooked on my sleep audios, I created the perfect track for those oh-so-stressful days…


WARNING: The Primal Sleep System Is NOT For Everyone…


Please understand: this is not a pill to pop you into an artificial slumber. The human race already spends billions of dollars on those. And they can leave you drowsy, forgetful and addicted. One study even suggested a link between sleeping pills and cancer!15

Now you don’t need to worry about taking any dangerous drugs.

Thanks to my research, what my method does is create an environment that contributes towards the perfect surroundings for sleep…

… and when combined with the included audios, actually alters your brainchemistry so you can enjoy a healing night’s sleep on demand.

Yet, if you think this means you can keep to your current routine of reading your iPad in bed or watching Netflix until the early hours, think again.

This will take a few adjustments to your current routine, but let me assure you: it’s well worth it.

So let me ask you one more question…

What is the most profoundly refreshing night of sleep worth to you?






Maurizio Stacchini 


Before embarking on any diet or natural cure consult your doctor, we do not assume any responsibility.