How to upload music on fb.

How to upload music on fb.

How to upload music on fb.

Facebook is the social network most used in the world.

Allows you to share “almost” anything: photos, thoughts, video, but still you can not upload music directly on facebook. The Mp3 files you can not upload directly to FB.


In this article I will explain how you can upload music on facebook.


Below you will find some solution that you can use.


Solution number one: Use of Community Music Sharing Service.


You can use sevices of sharing on the many musical communities that exist in the web: this is the easiest method of all.


You want to try Grooveshark?

And one of the best.

It enables users to share audio on many sites and blogs.


Follow these steps to load music on facebook:


Visit the Grooveshark page from here:


Find the songs you want to share, write the title or singer in the top search box.

When you find them, you will see the “Share” icon at the right of the page. Click the Facebook icon.

This will open a new window from which you have to get into your Facebook account.

Write something about the song and then you can just click on “Share track” in the bottom of the window and you’re done.


Want to know a method to obtain the audio of your compositions and then publish it on facebook?



This is the second solution: free Download CloudApp!


Download it from here:

Open the CloudApp page and create your account (if you already have one, simply click on log in).

Once logged in, load the MP3 file you want to share on Facebook.


After loading, rename the file. Put “+” or “-” between the words, in place of spaces. You have to remember this because, if you do not, the file will not play on Facebook.

After renamed, click on the file and you will be redirected in a new window where the sound has been playing. In the right corner, open the drop-down menu bar and choose “Download File“.

Now copy the address link (click the right button on “Download file“).


This is the third solution:


Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder is made for you!

This is a free online tool that can help you to get high quality audio files via a recording. It allows you to record the system sound, the sound from the microphone, or both. This application can also convert audio files into other desired formats of audio files.

To register using this amazing tool, follow these steps:

First of all, download the software from the official website at this link: https:

Go Apowersoft Audio Recorder Free and click the “Start Recording“.

Later, the instrument will be displayed on the computer screen. Open the “Audio” menu and choose “Sound System” if you want to record from the system, or “microphone” if you want to record from the microphone.

Note that you can also choose bot

Play the song you want to record and click “Register.” Once finished, click on “Stop.”

Click “Open Folder” to find the recorded audio, you can now start sharing files on Facebook using the above methods.

Log into your Facebook account and update your status. Simply paste the URL in the status section and share.

Make sure that the audio is decent and listenable and go …….

that’s all!


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