Created a battery…………. that can power a phone for 12 years.

Technology advances every day,

the capacity calculation and memory improves constantly but this incredible development has not gone hand in hand with the batteries in general: the problem of batteries that last little almost always remains even if our devices are all cutting-edge.


Nowadays the least battery

consumption of smartphones and iPhone is due to a reduction in energy consumption of the devices, not to the batteries.

A Ukrainian researcher claims to have invented a battery that

could power a smartphone for 12 years without recharging.


The inventor is named Vladislav Kiselev, professor

Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry Kiev.

The secret of Kiselev battery is would not  accumulate energy, but generates energy, using tritium, an isotope of hydrogen. this is not the first application of tritium of this type, but the peculiarity of the idea of Kiselev would be the use of electrochemical cells.


When he had the insight to these innovative batteries could give a definitive turning point in this problem, Kiselev was unable to obtain funding for his research: very convinced and motivated by his idea, he and his colleagues decided to self-finance.


The researcher is thus managed to disclose his idea, and was then approached by several entrepreneurs interested to market a battery based on the principle he designed. But I do have a question: once again confirmed that the batteries work, it will be possible to implement them so cheap and affordable, given that the tritium is a very rare isotope in nature?


Posterity will judge!


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