The new smartphone “Huawei Watch”.

The new smartphone “Huawei Watch”

The new version of Android Wear is coming in for the first generation of Huawei Watch.

Output at the end of March with upgrade to Android Wear 2.0

We know how Huawei had submitted during the last Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona the new generation of its smartwatch The top of the range of new technical specifications but also a completely revised design and much more “sportivity” and Android Wear 2.0 as standard specification.


With the move to Android Wear 2.0 for the “old” Watch Huawei, the Chinese company, will have the opportunity to obtain the presence of three devices updated to the latest version of Google’s operating system and this will allow her to get a definitely good reputation of the market against its opponents.

Recall how to Android Wear 2.0 update will allow users to use new watchfaces with a new graphical interface that can be customized by users with better integration of third-party applications.

On the smartphoneHuawei Watch” there will be Google’s new voice assistant that will improve the interaction between user and smartwatch managing to make everyday tasks easier. It’s not all because users will also find the Play Store directly installed on the smartwatch and thus can install applications from the watch no longer having to pass
forcedly from your smartphone.


Do not forget the introduction of Android Pay and the ability to respond to messages in several ways: by writing with your finger, the one on the keyboard the smartwatch but also through voice commands.

Huawei Watch deserves to be reviewed, it is one of the best Chinese smartphone with advanced technology like many manufacturers of much more emblazoned smartphone.

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 The new smartphone “Huawei Watch”