The new Nintendo Switch.

The new Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch, the new Japanese console is upcoming.

The new Nintendo Switch, home console seems to be what will revolutionize the gaming parlor as we have always understood and, this time, seems to have all the numbers to do it.

Nintendo has finally officially shown the new home console that, contrary to what has been said in recent months, will not be called NX, but Switch.

Curious as a console can be called “change”, but in a gaming landscape dominated by technical data, computing power, and made more and more into consideration seal graphics, the new Switch shows how true innovator of gaming concept, without giving up, Fortunately, to the technical side.

In the trailer for launch by Nintendo, let’s see how the new switch is versatile and has excellent performance at the same time. Let us begin by talk about the aesthetics of the console: beautiful, futuristic and with a very tech design.


The movie we see how we can attack the controller, which Nintendo has called “Joy-with“, is a support to give them the ergonomics of a “classic” controller is the console itself that, contrary to what you might think, it is not the docking station, but the small screen which houses you inside.


It is not yet clear how the station will be connected to our TV screen: some believe via internet streaming, but since removing the screen from the dock image instantly switches from TV to the console without even a second’s delay, we believe that everything is connected via HDMI 2.0 cable.



We know that Nintendo is the world leader in the field of portable consoles and switches will be, also, portable: Joy-attacking with the screen, in fact, you can play comfortably wherever you want and, gem that we believe a true genius, you can disconnect the controller so that they work with wireless connection and with the same set of controllers will be able to challenge our friends in local multiplayer.


The console will be equipped with 3.5 mm audio jack, will have no input for CD, but will work with cartridges similar to those of the Nintendo 3DS, and you can connect the shield to any docking station, so you can also play at home your friends.



Speaking of performance, however, the new switches will move from the chip Nvidia Tegra Pascal, really overkill for gaming that the console will offer, but that will be useful in order to make the experience smooth and enjoyable game, we speak of Full HD resolution at 60 FPS when Switch is connected to the docking station and 720p at 30 FPS when using it as a portable console.


We believe this choice was made for two main reasons: 1, lower resolution and lower frame rate means lower battery consumption and 2, with a not overly big screen, 720p is a good resolution will be given, however, impossible to see tiny details.


Nintendo Switch will be available from March 2017

at a price not yet announced, but already rumors of a price of $ 299 or $ 349 if sold together with a special controller that we saw in the video.


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The new Nintendo Switch.